Trust me.

Okay, so I’ve recently got past 2,200 followers (still don’t know why or how or what), so I’m gonna do a thing. Like/reblog this as many times as you want, and on the 19th May 2013(may extend the date) I’ll pick a random winner from the likes/reblogs/notes page place. Try not to spam your followers though.

One rule: You have to be following me.

(And it would also help if you’re a RP account.)

Winner one: If a RP blog, their mun will get a ride of a lifetime, in the TARDIS. I’ll do a roleplay with you, and interact with YOU. No, not your muse, just YOU. As a person. You can do/say whatever you want. You can fangirl, you can love, you can completely shock The Doctor by telling him everything you know. You will get at least one trip in the TARDIS.

Winner Two: You can tell me what to write! I’ll do a drabble. Sad, happy, (not smut), gory, dark!doctor, anything that you want. Has to involve The Doctor. You can throw your character at me, let me do a drabble with yours.

Winner Three: I’ve now ran out of ideas. So you can chose what you want me to do. Anything at all. From doing your theme, to promotions daily, to writing, to anything. Whatever you want, baby~

And to finish off this wonderful post, I just want to say. Thank you for following me.